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Flow Binding Sizing Chart

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Read the bottom before making your final decision.

USA Kid's
Shoe Size
USA Men's
Shoe Size
Binding Size
USA Ladies
Shoe Size
11 XS
12 XS
13 XS or SM
1 XS or SM
2 SM
3 SM
4 SM or MD
5 5 SM or MD 6
5.5 5.5 MD 6.5
6 6 MD 7
6.5 MD 7.5
7 MD 8
7.5 MD or LG 8.5
8 MD or LG 9
8.5 LG 9.5
9 LG 10
9.5 LG 10.5
10 LG 11
10.5 LG
11 LG or XL
11.5 LG or XL
12 XL
13 XL
14 XL
15 XL

Consider the following before making your selection.
If you are between sizes, the smaller binding will offer a snugger fit and offer less play but may be harder to get on while a larger sized binding will be easier to put on but can be sloppy and offer less control. Flow snowboard bindings are unique. Not only are they easy to put on and remove, they are comfortable.

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Flow snowboard bindings are easy on and easy off when in lift lines or at the end of the day.