Why You Should Buy From an "Authorized Dealer?

Ski and snowboard manufacturers want to provide you with the best experience for their products. So manufactures select certain retailers to sell their products. They call these retailers "Authorized Retailers". Just because a store or web site has product, doesn't mean they are a "Authorized Retailer". So why is purchasing from an "Authorized Retailer" important?

#1 - Warranty - You receive the manufactures warranty only when you purchase from an "Authorized Retailer". If a problem develops with your product, you can bring it back to have it repaired or even replaced. If you purchase from a "non-Authorized Retailer", you receive no warranty and you have no recourse if a problem develops. An example of a "non-Authorized Retailer" would be an internet auction site like eBay or Amazon, shows, and swaps.

#2 - Training - Manufacturers train shop employees at "Authorized Retailers". A trained staff means you'll receive the proper selection for your ability, goals and lifestyle. This can be very important when spending hundreds of dollars. Backroom service technicians are also trained and certified in the latest procedures and technologies for binding installs and repairs.

Alpine Accessories Staff Gets Annual Training Clinics Every Season

Manufacturers provide authorized dealers trainers to provide shop employees with the best practices and product information.

#3 - Service - Only an "Authorized Retailer" can order parts and are advised of product recalls. Let's say you break a buckle, a zipper or a binding part. Did you know you can only get manufactures parts from an "Authorized Retailer"?

Buying from an "Authorized Retailer" doesn't mean you pay more. It means you have a better chance of receiving the correct products for your money.

How do you know if the retailer is an "Authorized Retailer"? The best way is to check with the manufacture by visiting their web site or calling them. You can also look for a manufactures "Authorized Retailer" sticker in the store. Alpine Accessories is an "Authorized Retailer" for every product we sell!

Alpine Accessories Is An Authorized Dealer Of All Products Sold

Manufacturers provide authorized dealers window decals showing the shop is an authorized dealer.

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