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10 things to do to get the best ski experience?

People are spending on experiences not things. So when you plan a ski or snowboard trip, how can you enjoy that experience to the fullest?

What to Pack on a Ski or Snowboard Trip?

Going on a trip? Can't remember what to bring?
Use our handy dandy trip checklist to make sure you have the necessities for your trip.

What To Pack Day Trip Weekend Trip Week Trip
Tuned skis or snowboard * X X X
Boots X X X
Ski poles X X X
Base layer underwear X X 2 - 3
Socks X 2 pair 2 - 5 pair
Jackets ** X X 2 - 3
Pants X X 2 pair
Helmet X X X
Gloves X X 2 pair - 1 light 1 heavy
Ski carrier, powder leashes X X X
Ski, snowboard, boot bags X X X
Boot carrier, dryers X X X
Après Ski Boots X X X
Goggles X X X
sunscreen and lip balm X X X
snacks / lunch for the slopes X X X
Video or digital camera and Chargers X X X

Pack Your Gear In These Great Bags!

It's better to bring more gear than buy it at the resort where it can be more expensive. We RECOMMEND bringing your own equipment and not renting. Renting increases your chances of getting wrong or badly tuned equipment and can ruin your trip.
*If you will take your gear to a shop for tuning allow up to one week, especially just before the holidays, MLK weekend and Spring Break weeks.
**If you are going during Spring Break through season closing take a shell jacket for warmer sunny days.

Traveling by Car: When traveling with your skis or snowboards on a roof top rack, the tails go to the front and tips go to the rear of the vehicle. Protect your equipment by using a bag or at least a binding cover to keep dirt out of your ski bindings.

Traveling by Plane: When transporting your gear in the luggage compartment of a plane, always put your skis and snowboards in a padded bag for extra protection. Fill the empty space in the bag with clothing for added protection.

Packing Tip: Put your skis and or snowboard in its travel bag and then put one complete outfit in your boot bag and another outfit in with your skis or snowboard. If the airlines loses a bag at least you will have one outfit and half your gear. The clothing around your gear will also give added protection to your equipment.