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About Our Leaders Rick and Laurie

Rick Pasturczak is the President of Alpine Accessories. Rick started skiing in 1969 and met Laurie at a ski club meeting in 1976. They got married a couple of years later and have 3 children, Ryan and Rachel and a black lab named Aspen. Rick started working in ski retail in 1975 and worked for a few shops in the Chicagoland area until he and Laurie started Alpine Accessories in 1993.

Rick and Laurie have skied over 70 areas in the USA and Europe. Some of their favorite areas are Alta and Snowbird in UT., Aspen and Snowmass in CO. and Big Sky in MT. Rick has snowboarded, gone snowshoeing and cross country skied but prefers alpine skiing. "I love the fresh cool air, the feel of a ski carving across the slope, the speed and challenges that come with alpine skiing." In his early years of skiing, Rick was into freestyle doing moguls, tricks and jumping. But later got involved in ski racing in the late 70's and 80's. He was sponsored by a few manufactures and brought home many trophies. Laurie also did some racing and has a collection of trophies.

Rick or Laurie get out on the slopes about 15 - 20 days a season mostly testing equipment and products for Alpine Accessories. Rick has been in the snow retail business since 1975 and brings his passion, experience and knowledge of the sport to Alpine Accessories. Because he's been around for a while, customers from over 5 states come to see Rick for his expertise in the industry to help select their equipment.

Rick says, "This is a very personalized sport with many variations and ability levels. You should never trust someone to select or fit your gear that doesn't participate in the sport. If you are not in the correct gear, it could ruin your experience and stop you from progressing. Our sales staff of skiers and boarders take the time to ask the right questions and then explain the difference in gear in terms you understand so you can make your decision."

Have a question, comment, feedback? Send him an email or call 10 - 5 CST weekdays at 1-847-854-4754 (I-SKI).

Rick and Laurie at Snowmass

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to make skiing and snowboarding safer, easier and more fun!

VISION: Products available at Alpine Accessories have been evaluated, tested, demoed and selected for you to have the best quality products for a reasonable price. You do not have to break the bank to have a great experience out on the snow. You can get the right equipment, apparel and accessories to fit your needs and your budget. Buying cheap stuff often does not create the experience you were hoping for.

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