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When Do You Tune Your Skis or Snowboard?

How To Tell When Your Gear Needs Tuning and Why!

Rusty edges on skis need tuning. Rusty edges on skis need tuning.

How often does your equipment need tuning?

What is Your Ability Level? Day on Slopes Why
Advanced to Experts 3 - 5 Sharp edges for control and the bottoms to be waxed for speed and ease of turning.
Intermediate to Advanced 5 - 8 For control too but not as demanding as advanced skiers and snowboarders.
Smooth bottoms that turn easier.
Beginners 9 - 10 for ease of turning
(should wax more often)

Slope conditions play a BIG part how much wear is on your gears edges and base. Fresh fluffy snow will not wear down your edges or bases as fast. So your tune could last longer. But when you're on hard pack, old snow and ice, your edges dull quicker and the wax will scrape faster from the bottoms. This means you'll have to have them tuned more often.

Why Tune Video!

When is the best time to tune your equipment?

The end of season is the best time to have your equipment tuned. Here's why. Your equipment has just been through a season. The edges are most likely to be burred, the bottoms have some gouges and the bases have lost the wax. This isn't the best way to store your gear. A tune in the spring is best because after your equipment is tuned, a coating of wax is applied to your base. During the summer, this wax will protect your edges from rust and the excess wax will be absorbed into your base over the summer giving it a more durable and longer lasting base.

How much does it cost to have a shop tune my gear?

Most shops won’t tell you to tune your equipment in the spring. First, they are winding down from the busy season and starting to get ready for their summer business. The back room might even be closed for the season. But think of this, they also want your equipment to wear out faster! Why? So you can buy new gear. Either way, if you can't tune your equipment yourself at the end of season, at least get them tuned at a shop. So it will cost you more in the long run if you DO NOT have your gear tuned.

Want to learn how to tune your own gear?

Why not? Just about anyone can do it. For the price of one tune, you could purchase a basic tuning kit. About the only thing you can't do is stone ground the bases. A shop with a stone grinder must do that. This should be done once every 20-30 days on the slopes. Alpine Accessories has all the tuning supplies you need to do it yourself.

Tune DIY
Step by Step

Wax melts best with a waxing iron.Melting ski wax drips onto the base which then must be spread out into a thin layer with your waxing iron.
Tuning your own skis or snowboard is easy to do. It will take about an hour to set up, clean your gear, sharpen, wax, cool and then buff. Use these easy step by step instructions.

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Getting a good flat ski base is the goal in ski tuning.
Basic supplies to DIY tuning is a file, file cleaner, scraper, base repair candle, base cleaner, ski base wax, wax iron and deburring stone. Find all supplies you need at Alpine

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Do You Have the Correct Gear?

Get the right boot fit to match your foot, ability, skier type and the corresponding ski model you choose. Get the correct boot and you will feel the difference. Get the correct size skis for the best performance and experience. Getting the correct ski pole will make your pole plants more efficient and help you make your turns.