Three Oaks Recreation Area
5517 NW Hwy, Crystal Lake IL 60014

See the Map below

Operating Times

Memorial Day to Labor Day
Noon until 6 pm
Temperatures of 70 degrees or higher
Wind under 17 mph
No lightning with 30 miles
Check Three Oaks Weather here

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to: 42828

No Reservations Taken for Rentals
for Advanced Lessons call
847-943-7043 | Noon - 5pm
Do NOT leave a message!

First Come First Served
No Reservations Taken

Rent a paddleboard at The Board House. Walk ups welcome or call 847-854-4754 for a reservation.

Walk ups on hot week end or holidays may have a wait time for the next available un-reserved boards to come back in. The busiest times are usually from noon to about 3pm.

We do not take reservations for kayaks or canoes.

Be Prepared!

Wear quick dry clothing: (ie polyester, dri-fit)
Bring sunscreen, water shoes, towel, water.
Sunglasses will fall off if you fall in the water!
You can purchase glass retainers and waterproof phone cases at the Board House.
Cubbies available for storage, Do Not Bring Valuables

Three Oaks Recreation Area Rules!

Entrance to Three Oaks is Free
Parking is $5 per car. So carpool or bike in.
Children must be at least 12 years old to paddleboard.
Children 12 to 17 years must have a parent or guardian sign their waiver.
If you are chaperoning bring a signed Trip Permission form signed by parents of those you are chaperoning.

Trip Permission Form

On the Lake

You must wear the PFD vest provided at all times.
No swimming off the board. Swim back to your board asap when you fall in.
Stay out of the swim area, scuba area or marina dock area.
Do not go on shore except for the Board House launch area.
Pets are not allowed on your board or in the water.
If you have a problem when out in the water, hold on to your board, wave your hands over your head. The patrol boat will assist you. Or if you have a phone call 845-790-8840 or 847-943-7043 for assistance.

Alpine Accessories Paddle Board Waiver


Directions to The Board House at Three Oaks Recreation Area.

Paddleboarding at The Board House

The Board House may be the best place in northern IL to paddleboard! In our opinion, the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. is the best lake to paddle board. Why? The lake is 338 acres of clear, clean water. The perfect size because it takes about two hours to paddle around. Then you have plenty of fish, turtles and wildlife to view while you're on the water. The lake has 8 islands and 5 bays to explore and except for the patrol boat, there are no motor boats on the lake to create a wake. Then there's the Board House itself. It has a private launch area for enjoying many different paddleboard activities with a large fleet of paddle boards to rent and demo.

The Board House is owned and operated by and located on the north side of the lake at Three Oaks Recreation Area in Crystal Lake, IL. It is the first dedicated stand up paddle board facility in the Chicago area. The Board House has a large fleet of rental paddle boards and equipment for your enjoyment. If you enjoy paddleboarding, or want to find out what it's all about, we invite you to come down and visit.

Calm waters and Islands

Paddle around the islands at Three Oaks Recreation Area


Check in at the Board House and sign waivers
Pay a launch and cleaning fee of $10 per board.
The Board House staff will clean your board before it goes into the water.
PFD vests are required by Three Oaks. (waist pfd's are not allowed. Vests are available for rental for $5/ea.)
Stay out on the lake for the remainder of the day.
Must be 12 years or older. (Take younger kids kayaking at the Marina.)

All Three Oaks rules shall be followed.

Board Storage: Sorry, board storage is no longer available.

See other places where you can use your own paddle board in northwest Illinois.

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Beginner paddleboard lessons gives you the basics so you can have a great experience paddleboardsing.

Beginner Paddleboard Lesson

Beginner lessons are for first time paddleboarders. Taking a lesson you will learn the basics so you will have the best experience and more fun. Instructors give about 10-15 minutes dry land, 10-15 on water with the instructor and the remaining time you practice on the water.

You will learn:
How to size, hold and use your paddle.
How to get on, get up on and position on the board.
How to steer, turn and stop the board.
How to fall and get back on the board safely.

Intermediate paddleboard lessons to advance your skills.

Intermediate Paddleboard Lesson

Intermediate lessons are great for when you have been on a paddleboard a few times and want more control of the direction you are going. You will have experienced and trained instructors give about 15 minutes dry land and 45 minutes on water instruction.

You will learn to:
Improve your stance and position for best performance.
Learn 3 essential paddle strokes for more control of your board.
How to handle waves and strong winds

Private paddleboard lessons to advance your skills.

Private Paddleboard Lesson

Private lessons are the best way to improve your paddling skills. You will have our most experienced and trained instructor for an entire hour with you on the areas you want to improve on.

You will learn to:
Build on the intermediate skills for better performance.
Improve and add to your repertoire of paddle strokes to help you control your board. How to handle waves and strong winds.
Learn to pivot turn.

Group Paddleboarding

Paddleboard for six people.

Maori 6 Person SUP

2 - 6 people paddleboard

Group paddleboarding is great for groups and businesses.

Group Outings

Great time for clubs and business groups

Group paddleboard lesson

Group Lessons

Learn Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding at Three Oaks Recreation Area

Yoga at Three Oaks

SUP Yoga Class Instructors Wanted! Contact Rick for your class at 847-854-4754 or
Bring your yoga class to The Board House. Any size group.



includes: Paddleboard, Paddle, Vest, Leash

Call to reserve 847-943-7043

Walk ups Welcome!

Lessons recommended for first timers.


includes: Paddleboard, Paddle, Vest, Leash

Call to reserve 847-943-7043

Group Rentals

6 or more in your group

$5 OFF per board with reservation