Legendary Skis

These are ski models from the past. Ski manufacturers are continually making new improvements to make your ski experience better, safer and more fun. Some times there is just a graphic change from year to year, yet the guts of the ski is the same, which makes it confusing for cusumers looking for a partular ski. And then there are more significant changes and at this point the brand will change the model name; such as the women's Cloud and Affinity series and the men's Smoke and Vantage series from Atomic Skis. Blizzard Skis, brought the Quattro, Brahma and Black Pearl models. Elan Skis has the women's Snow and the men's Ripstick and Wingman models.

K2 has had the women's Luv series and now the Anthem series. Men had to choose from the Apache, AMP, Konic and now the brand new Distruption series from K2 Skis. The women's Temptations and the men's Experience models from Rossignol Skis, and the women's Origin series and the men's X-Wing and X-Drive series from Salomon Skis.

Ski Sizing Chart

Atomic Skis

Atomic skis are made in Austria.

Blizzard Skis

Blizzard skis are made in Italy.

Elan Skis

Elan skis are made in Bled Slovenia, since 1945, in the heart of the Julian Alps.

K2 Skis

K2 skis are headquartered in Seattle, WA and made in K2's factory in China.

Rossignol Skis

Rossingol skis are made in France or Spain.

Salomon XWing series Skis

Salomon skis are made in the French Alps.

Salomon X-Wing Torando

Salomon 2010 X Wing Torando Ski.
Powerful and precise one ski quiver for all terrain. The Salomon X-Wing Tornado Ti is "the" fully loaded high performance ski for the advanced to expert skier. The Tornado is armed with a 3D stealth tip and oversized pulsepad allowing the ski to rollover terrain variations and keep the ski calm and smooth. The Tornado's L chassis with a 79mm waist will give you stable and confident performance on all terrain.

Salomon X-Wing Tornado features.......

  • Ability level: Advanced to expert skiers skiing 70% groomed and 30% ungroomed.
  • Construction: Double monocoque structure with double ti laminate reinforement which doubles the layers of fiber and titanium for maximum response and edge grip.
  • Core: Full woodcore from tip to tail offering optimum stability and powerful rebound. Full woodcore also maximizes ski to snow contact and dampens unwanted vibrations.
  • Specs: 120-79-107 sidecut with a 16.3m turning radius in a 173cm.
  • Binding: Salomon Z12 with a DIN setting of 4-12.

Salomon Xwing Storm 2009

Salomon 2009 Storm Mens Ski.
A smartly designed sidecut and construction combination for the athletic performance skier looking for a true all-mountain ski. The Salomon Storm is maneuverable and light to ski on all terrains.

Salomon X-Wing Storm features

  • Ability level: Advance to experts skiers skiing groomed runs 70% of the time and ungroomed 30% of the time.
  • Specs: 120-75-103 sidecut with a 15.3m turning radius in a 168cm.
  • Construction: Monocoque wood core with titanium offers a blend of materials that allow a smooth ski at speeds but still easy to turn at slower speeds.
  • Binding: Salomon Smartrak Z10 binding which is made with a combination of plastic and metal to be light but strong and durable for aggressive skiing.

Salomon Xwing 10 2009

Salomon 2009 XWing Ski
Salomon is known for their Monocoque construction that allows for a simple light weight ski that gives plenty of performance, edge hold and feel for the snow.
  • Designed for: Level II to level III skiers who like to cruise and carve turns.
  • Skiers who like to ski 60% groomed and 40% non-groomed slopes.
  • Ski specifications.
  • Construction: The Monocoque shell with composite core has titanium for stable and precise skiing.
  • Space frame technology: The Monocoque construction has just the right amount of material in the right places. Sections of the ski are different thickness so the ski behaves the way it was designed.
  • Ski design: The wide ski design helps with control, stability, balance and versatility in different snow conditions.
  • Base: The UHMV electra graphite base is designed for durability and smooth skiing.
  • Specs: 158 cm specs- 118, 72, 100 with 13.2m radius for you techies who want to know this stuff.
  • Edges: PULSEPAD edges for a smoother ride and improved ski behavior.
  • Bindings: The Salomon Z10 step in binding comes with the Smartrack Control plate and DIN settings 3-10.
  • Warranty: When you purchase your Salomon skis from a Salomon certified dealer, (Alpine Accessories is a certified dealer) the skis and bindings have a 1 year manufactures warranty.
  • Our tester comments; "I had tears of joy in my eyes after I skied the X Wing 10. At speeds they were stable and at slow speeds, still easy to turn. Didn't know you could get this kind of performance at this price range!

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